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  About The School  

History of Raven Elementary School


The first known formal school in the Raven, Virginia area was a one room frame building.  The building was designated Raven Elementary School.  The student body consisted of approximately twenty-five students with all levels of education taught in one room.

By 1910 the community had outgrown the one room school and thus an up to date brick four room school was constructed on a hill overlooking the Raven-Doran area.  The location was later referred to as School House Hill.  A second hand Army barracks was added to the four room school which increased the facility to a six room school.

Continued growth contributed to the decision to relocate Raven Elementary to a more accessible and adequate location in the Doran Bottom area.  In 1953 a modern six room brick structure was erected for the primary grades.  The fifth, sixth, and seventh grade students continued to receive instruction on the hill.

Soon the smaller schools of Millcreek, Red Root Ridge, and Red Ash were enrolled in the Raven Elementary School.  This necessitated the school’s first experience with a staggered system.  After several years, the overcrowded conditions were relieved with the construction of an efficient school facility.  With concentrated efforts from the Tazewell County School Board and Federal Funds through the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Raven Elementary School was provided with the necessary space, equipment and leadership to establish one of the finest schools in Southwest Virginia.

As student enrollment increased over the years, nine classroom units and a cafeteria unit were attached to the main building. In 1981, a gym was completed. 

Raven Elementary still serves as the focal point of those living in the Raven-Doran area.  The large school yard and walking track are a welcoming part of a student’s day.

Presently Raven Elementary is federal and state accredited.  Staff, students, parents, and community members know Raven Elementary has made a giant leap from its beginning as a one room frame building.